1. Great you've made the first correct steps to getting your HALF PRICE TAROT READING.
  2. But your wondering what the catch is and will you be wasting your money?
  3. Let me put your mind at rest right away,  firstly, I rarely do 30 min readings, and if I do then I normally charge £25.00 but you are still wondering what the catch is right?  Well the catch is you have to bring a friend, someone who has never had a reading from us at all, (yes really, that's it) but the best news is that your friend will get a HALF PRICE reading as well. The other thing is look at my reviews here on this website or on www.facebook.com/themysterychest that should ease your quarms.
  4. So that's a 30 min psychic tarot reading for just £20.00 for you and a separate 30 min psychic reading for your friend at just £20.00 (total of £40.00)
  5. Now all you have to do is complete the form below. 


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