Do you want to sit there waiting to see what your fate holds in store? Or do you want to order in the life you deserve?

Energy Synchronicity

Great big Introductory Offer, 67% off the original price of £147.00 means this workshop is yours for only £48.50

Energy Synchronicity is a really powerful tool, that you can use in any area of your life, to bring in what ever you need or want.  All that's missing is the person  who has the knowledge to show you what the tool is and how to wield it, and that person is ME

Workshop Contents

  1. You will be given knowledge and have complete understanding of all seven Universal Laws as brought to us by spirit.
  2. You will know where and how The Law of Attraction is placed amongst the seven Laws and how it plays it's vital roll amongst all of them
  3. You will discover just how important your mind set is and how it affects everything in your life.
  4. You will discover that crystals are little power houses that can be programmed.
  5. You will learn how to fine tune your needs and wants
  6. You will discover how to programme your crystals with the life style that you desire and deserve
  7. You will be shown how to bring it all together to make it your own comic shopping list.